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Last Summit Event, our tickets sold fast so don’t miss!


Events like these can cost upwards of $2,999 to attend. And considering you could make this back 10 times over in the first 3 weeks following the event it would still be a great deal.
However we know this still might be outside the price range of many startups.
And we’re passionate about helping as many people as we can.
Plus it’s the first event like this ever run in Vietnam and we want as many success stories as we can get.
So we have created different prices so everyone can afford to come along and immerse themselves in 2 days of pure money-making information.


Gold tickets are perfect for startups who want to immerse themselves in the cutting edge information on offer. As a Gold Ticket holder you’ll attend every session and hear every speaker.
And you’ll receive a bag full of exciting gifts and bonuses our generous speakers have offered.
Plus of course you’ll be free to mingle with everyone on breaks and before and after the event.
And at just $79USD for the two days it’s an offer you can’t afford to miss.
After all, just one strategy you learn could be worth 10 times the ticket price on its own.


Diamond Tickets offer everything you receive with a gold ticket, plus you receive a recording of all the training (Video) so you can watch it over and over again.
After the event you’ll be able to follow our experts’ detailed implementation instructions from the comfort of your home. Rewind, pause, fast-forward – you won’t miss a second.
And you’ll get priority check-in to the event room as well, plus priority seating near the front.
These tickets are phenomenal value for $149USD.


VIP Ticket holders enjoy the same as Diamond Ticket holders plus you receive a recording of all the training (Video) so you can watch it over and over again. And you’ll enjoy first class check in and seats right at the front.
As a privileged guest you’ll also be treated to a private networking session with our presenters, and access to the VIP lounge where you can refresh and recharge with other serious entrepreneurs.
And you’ll be eating lunch on both days with our speakers, plus you’ll get photo opportunities with them.
You will also be offered exclusive mentorship opportunities with our speakers which is not on offer to anyone else.
And you’ll be invited to our exclusive VIP-ONLY Night-time networking party.
For just $299USD these VIP Tickets are a steal.  

  • Standard Seating Arrangement
  • Access To All Training
  • General Networking Session
  • Recording Of All Training (Audio)
  • Tea Break
  • $79
  • Get Your Gold Ticket

  • First Class Check In
  • Access To VIP Lounge
  • Front Section Seats
  • Access To All Training
  • Recording Of All Training (Video)
  • Tea Break
  • Lunch With Speakers
  • Personal Photo Taking With Speakers
  • Invitation To Night Networking Party
  • $299
  • Get Your VIP Ticket


We’re confident you’ll learn so much cutting-edge information to explode your business you’ll make your investment back 10 times over. 

In the unlikely event you do not believe you can then tell us by lunchtime on the first day and we will happily refund your entire investment.
Plus you can keep all the bonuses and gifts from our speakers as our gift to you.
This way you can’t lose. You either gain the knowledge to make 10 times your ticket price in the first day or you can leave without having paid a cent.

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Last Summit Event, our tickets sold fast so don’t miss. The eCommerce Summit 2017 at Ho Chi Minh City will start in

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